1. Delhi Beggar Girl

    Delhi Beggar Girl

    Kristian Bertel learned that giving money to child beggars is the least generous thing a tourist can do. Because when we give money directly to child beggars, we actually hurt more than we help. But the imperative to not give money or gifts does not mean we have to turn our backs on them.
  2. P

    difference between Iphone and dslr in quality?

    what is the difference anymore? Unless you really look at the details there isn't any. also, with a lot of final images and even videos being color graded and filtered it is even harder to tell. Is the iphone the future of photography and videography? even for video taking, attaching a stable...
  3. Nuluvius

    Online Photo Storage Workflow

    I'm at a bit of a loss with this and wondered if anyone might have some suggestions for a workflow. There's Google Photos, Amazon Photos and OneDrive. I have a NAS full of photos and videos and want to back them up on these platforms. I also want to be able to back up the photos I take with my...
  4. Nuluvius

    Digital Media Storage Methodologies

    I have a mess of digital media to sort out, photos and videos, and I want a robust system to move forward with. I've been doing some research and want to offer up what I've found so far for discussion. I think I like the three tier system but need a final shove to decide. To be clear the top...
  5. P

    how to take photos similar to this?

    How can i get my photos to turn out like this Imgur
  6. P

    What are some great ways to get your photos out to clients? what has worked for you?

    also how do you know if your photos are good? what makes a good photo vs a GREAT photos? looking to explore and get inspired
  7. P

    Trip to Boston

    Please critique. I took a plethora of photos, but chose the best out of the batch. still very new and an amateur. I mostly shot manual mode adjusting the exposure to get a proper exposure. i would sometimes play with AV and TV menus to try and get the bokeh effect and also shot up my shutter...
  8. Flavio

    Google Photos Alternative

    Hi, I'm looking for a site that I can upload multiple photos so I can share that "album" to my wife and then she can delete some of that photos. Anyone knows something like this? Thanks a lot!
  9. Giuseppe Torcasio

    Giuseppe Torcasio

    Giuseppe Torcasio: Portrait
  10. Gridiron Victoria

    Gridiron Victoria

    Gridiron Victoria: South Eastern Predators
  11. Gridiron Victoria: Tyson Garnham

    Gridiron Victoria: Tyson Garnham

    Tyson Garnham: from the Western Crusaders
  12. Gridiron Victoria

    Gridiron Victoria

    Gridiron Victoria
  13. Gridiron Victoria: Tyson Garnham

    Gridiron Victoria: Tyson Garnham

    Gridiron Victoria: Tyson GarnhamWestern Crusaders
  14. jjfunckphotography

    Insight for Photographs

    Hello, everyone. I was debating on my picture style & trying to see if there were some enhancements I could utilize in my photographs. I'm going to put like 2 or 3 of, in my opinion, my best photographs, & I'd like to receive some helpful critiques or insight on what I can improve on, what I...
  15. Gridiron Victoria: Richelle Cranston

    Gridiron Victoria: Richelle Cranston

    Gridiron Victoria: Richelle Cranston
  16. MountainsRCalling

    I'm new! Critique my shots please

    Hey i'm new to photography and just purchased my Cannon EOS Rebel T4i a month ago and its my very first DSLR camera. Here are some of my favorite shots I've taken so far that weren't taken in the Auto setting. I feel like they could be better but don't know exactly what to work on. Please be as...
  17. shutterbabe86

    Help with how many photos I give clients!

    I have a problem! I have so much trouble cutting down the pics I give to my clients after a regular family or senior shoot. I take a lot of lifestyle type photos when shooting and there end up being so many awesome shots that I know *I* would want if it were my family, so instead of giving the...
  18. P

    Corrupted photos

    Hello, would someone be so kind and help me with one technical issue? I was taking pictures (JPEG and RAW) using my Olympus camera and SD Card, which worked perfectly fine until the moment where any newly taken photos could be shortly seen in 'view' mode but after a moment they couldnt been...
  19. C

    Water damage to photographs (film)

    Hi. This is my first post. I am very interested in photography and wish it were under different circumstances that I were posting. A month ago I had a water leak in my basement. Just yesterday I found that water had gotten into a box of photos 10 to 25 years old that had been developed from...
  20. M

    Is ir worth to become a photographer?

    Hi, everybody! Here is the link of my gallery All the pictures are made from phone It's important for me your opinion Do I have a talant? Or these are onli nice pics for Instagram? Morskaja87's DeviantArt Gallery Thanks a lot!:)