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May 27, 2007
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I've read numerous discussions in this forum about online photography courses. I am a teacher on the Proud Photography - website teaching photography online. First of all let me get one thing straight - I hate spamming so I made sure my post has been approved by administrators first before I posted it.

As number of people commented about mixed experience with online courses, some even wouldn't recommend them, we decided to give the two of you guys an opportunity to enrol for free and show you real benefits of online photography education with human one-on-one support. All we want in return is your honest opinion about our course expressed in this forum.

How to apply? Just post in this thread and we will randomly select 2 people announced here by December 15, 2007.

To make it fair and transparent, we will only consider ThePhotoForum members having proven history here and the post count above 20. Why? This will ensure our offer is genuine and sceptics could track the two winners are real people interested in learning photography, randomly selected from the forum.

The link to the website is in my signature if you want to see the course outlines.

Thank you and good luck!

*inconspicuously moves up to the front row*

Wow that is kind of you Peter. I would love to be considered but I don't have the required post. So if I do have the required by then I would love to be considered. I have not been able to find any classes around my area only workshops that require that you live further out than an 85 mile radius :(.

I am not sure if I have the number of post to put me in the class...........hey I would like to be one of the two.
I think I'm interested, but I've looked at the site and I'm not certain what you actually do other than "teach photography" ... but no real specifics. A few questions:

(1) How long does your program take? Is it a set length of time, or set number of lessons, and if so, how long/many?

(2) What are you teaching? Basic how-to-use-a-camera, portraiture, landscapes, wildlife, workflow, etc.?

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