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Aug 11, 2010
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Hi everyone,
What are some of the best hosts to create a photography portfolio for clients to review? I know almost nothing about web design, so I'm looking for something simple, but presentable.
Thanks in advance!
Zenfolio is what I use. I do know a lot about web design and still prefer to use that service. I haven't found anything substantial I wanted from it that it doesn't do.

I use it for my business and I get lots of compliments, particularly for the proofing galleries. Depending on what package you get, you can take their name right off the site. I find their templates to be very easy to understand.

This coupon will get you $5 off any of their subscriptions: ATYbfUB27YAwk
By proofing galleries, do you mean password protecting the gallery?
You can do that or you can just make them private, so you have to have a specific URL to get to it and it won't show up on your main page. That way your client can just send the link to whoever. They offer a free trial at whatever level subscription if you want to try them out.

Also, there's no limit on uploads. If you have a problem, they get right back to you and go the extra mile. I don't work for them, I'm just happy with them.
Yeah, I use smugmug. I was just wondering if there was something different I didn't know about. I wish I knew someone who would design something other than one of there templates. I really like bludomains flash websites.
I've never met a Flash website that I liked. I know I'm in the minority.
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Either Zenfolio (which I use) or Smugmug are a safe bet. The online storage feature with either host is a nice feature and they look smart for a template.

My main complain with flash is that it's hard to analytics bugs to crawl... I have a blog I update 3+ times a week to keep fresh content up!

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