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Feb 11, 2006
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Bristol, UK
Ok, I know this has been gone over on here before 100 times but this question is slightly different! Does anyone know of a UK based online printing company which will do poster sized prints? Of a decent quality of course and without messing around with the colours at all as I've done that more than enough already!
Thanks Fate! (I seem to be saying that a lot recently;)) They're a tad on the expensive side, shame I can't get them to do a test print for free to find out how it would come out without having to spend £19!!
Urm id look around more, ive not had the best expreance with Truprint...I got compleatley diffrent composed photos from my negatives, but thats with film. I dont know what there like with digital prints...Worth a try, afterall whats 20quid, I spent that on a T-shirt the otherday.
Yeah, you're right! I might as well just go hell for leather and print ALL my images at £20 a pop and try to sell them on the street!

Seriously though, I've heard similar things about trueprint touching up images when they're not asked to so I'd be a bit sceptical about them, especially for the price of a decent night out!
Well I've just ordered a load of 12x8 prints from dlab7 for less that the price of one 12x8 from trueprint! Shame they don't go to the higheer sizes but I figured this would be large enough to experiment with size. I may well try Trueprint sometime after next pay day though :)
Jessops?!?! That surprises me, I'll still have a go though! I would have tought that as they were so 'high street' they'd over saturate and add too much contast for the standard holiday snapshots they get.Had a look at those other links, thanks for them, I think it's time that I sent out a load of test prints to see what different companies manage to do with them...
15x10 print from Jessops is £1.99 (minimum order £5) including postage.
You'll find that most other places are at least £3.99. More likely they'll be £ postage.

One tip - and I've done this several times and got away with it - if you're printing a 30 x 10 it costs around £15. Printing a 30 x 20 costs around £1 more. So duplicate your 30 x 10 image onto a 30 x 20 canvas nad get it printed twice on the one sheet.

I'm working on the assumption you know how to increase canvas size and copy paste the image onto that larger canvas.

When I took a couple of my shots to be framed the guy in the framing shot was surprised that they let me do that - effectively you're getting a 30 x 10 print for £1 instead of paying the full £15 or so.

Make all your adjustments re saturation, brightness etc before sending it because I think the prints are printed by computer and sent out in a tube without every single print being checked and hence my slight dodge working so far.

I used one of them (Photodeal) to get a canvas print done. They made a mess of it but after I told them they rectified their mistake without any problem. So don't get too worried about every print not being checked individually. They'll rectify any error without a fight.

Typically prints arrive within 7-10 days but i always allow extra time just in case i need a re-print. In all the times I've used them (loads!!) and sold prints (never had a complaint on quality - often compliments) I've only ever had a problem that once with the canvas print.

I'm sure you'll be happy with any of their services.

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