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Aug 15, 2006
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Predawn at the palms at the Oasis of Mara, 29 Palms, CA.


As beautiful as these pictures are...it brings back personal nightmares of the time I spent on that god forsaken Marine Base at "29 stumps"...dry heat or not, 126 degrees is freakin' hot.

I don't think the military is real sharp on picking out the 'sweet' locations. the MC base looks so low. It's much nicer up higher in the park. Now is the time for good weather- 82 the day I shot this.
maybe its this computer, but the colors are awkward for me
maybe its this computer, but the colors are awkward for me


There does seem to be a slight red cast on the image, however, I don't mind it because I've seen sunsets like that in that area.

Sunsets, sunrises they're about the only thing that's the same here- These shots were taken about 15 minutes before the sun came up. Notice the lack of hard shadows. This is the time I like the best- this is when the colors that can be caught by the camera are the most vivid and appealing to me.

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