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Nov 13, 2007
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Mount Penn, PA
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I was bored at work tonight because mondays are slow up until about 9pm. I took a couple of pictures and this one I really liked - I thought it was a bit too dull in black and white and so messed about with it. Whether black and white was better or not im not so sure. What do you think.

I also had to decide where to crop the picture. I cropped it several places in the end. I have other versions that were just not right.

Black and white:




Lisa xx
Really? Thats cool. I usually prefer everything to be in black and white but I just feel like, as interesting as the shot is, something is lacking and I can't put my finger on it.
I like the altered one. It puts you in the mindset of someone who has been drinking too much, you know, when you have that altered sense of vision, and saturation, contrast, and light is more intense.
I've slept on this a little now and this morning, on viewing these again, I much prefer the second one myself.

Thanks for your comments. I'll put some more up later...
FREE BEER I like the idea of that!!

prefer the B&W one myself
Free Beer? Chance'll be a fine thing :p
Free Beer? Chance'll be a fine thing :p

that sign says FREE BEER TOMORROW, I'll be there about 13.00 pint of Spitfire if you have it.

HANG ON!!!! If I'm there tomorrow for free beer that sign will say FREE BEER TOMORROW, Mmmmmm quite the dilemma I'm having :scratch:

not sure if its the lack of sleep or just madness but that pub looks like one I've been in
many a pub looketh the same...who knows, you might have been here...depends where you've travelled! :D
So you must be in your one location right now? I.e. "on the south coast of England"? For this pub looks truly British to me, nothing I would expect to find in the States anywhere (though I may well be prejudiced?).

I like the "messed around with" version quite much. All the golden or brass gleam says "British pub" to me even more than the taps do, and they already say "British" quite loudly. But I feel that the golden-brown brings out even more of a pub atmosphere.
I am indeed on the south coast. Its a really nice little pub. I have quite a few pictures of it. Maybe see what I can come up with. We have a smoking ban in england now so you cant smoke in the pub anymore, I took a picture a couple of days before the ban came into effect when everyone was smoking like crazy to fit in as much as they could before the ban. I took a picture. If i can find it, i'll post it...
kinda reminds of a pub across the road from that big ship next to Portsmouth railway station, but from memory that was a big pub and not a little pub and it was about 4 years ago
I'm a lover of b&w but I prefer the colour version in this case, I think it fits more with the ambiance of the enviroment and shows more depth to the image for the last one you posted it would be an excellent poster shot for an anti-tobacco campaign....or anti-alcohol lol.
Prefer the B&W version, but there is so much to look at in that picture I don't know where to turn to first. Handles, bottles and plaques everywhere, whoa.

Like the last one very much though

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