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Mar 20, 2009
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Wilmington, NC
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I'm trying to broaden my editing a bit, and I'd like yalls opinion.

Does either of the first two edits work at all? If so, what are the strong/weak points? What could improve?

Third, though underexposed looking, it was quite dark in the area, i was trying to give it a certain feel of the dusk setting in with the sun setting behind the bench as the couple walks in the distance... did it remotely succeed, or is it a complete fail?



On the initial pair, too blue and too yellow for my taste, respectively. I'm also not sure the composition works. The right side of the image is just the trees/reflections marching to the right in a straight line. Perhaps the real image here would have been a vertical of the left side.

The third is too dark and the people are too small. The first might have been addressed with a touch of fill flash, but you may not have had a choice on the second unless they came from the direction of the bench and you were there early enough.
As for 1 and 2, the dock really takes my attention away from the rest of the photo. I look at vertical lines of the dock and go right straight through the image. I am not led to look around the image at all.

For the edit, I like 1, but I think its a hair too much on the blue side.
I agree with @KenC, the first one is too blue (especialy the trees).
damn. i have a habit of the blue, i just for some reason do that. i see what u mean about the composition, i was kinda of more concerned with the edits themselves though. i lightened the first one up, i took one a few stops brighter and it didnt look right. if u look along the beach u can see where the shadows stop, im not really sure how to make that photo work, perhaps the fill flash would've helped.

thanks for the input.
Black and white on the first one would look nice.

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