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    Jan 14, 2010
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    Over a year ago, I got a lovely sony a350 for Christmas. Haven't had the chance to buy lenses or take courses as yet.

    Just now, I've been offered a good deal on a Canon 450D Eos, with a macro lens 24-70 mm, a 16-35 mm lens, 18-55 mm lens, and a speedlite 580EXII.

    Of course, the canon is a steal of a deal with the goods it comes with as I would have to buy all of that for my sony if I didn't go with this deal.

    Is the particular canon a good camera? Reviews would be great. What about the lenses included? Worthwhile?

    And just to clarify, what specific photos are the 16-35 mm lens good for? As well as the macro 24-70 mm lens?

    Really contemplating giving up my sony for this package.

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