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Oct 30, 2007
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Ordering my nikon d40...
Just wondering any last minute suggestions IE: filters, bags, etc. Just help me out cause im ordering it soon! aha thank you all.
My advice: start with the basics and add things as you need them. That said, I consider a Giotto Rocket Blower for dust to be pretty basic. Enough memory cards to see you through however much time you're away from your computer. An extra battery.

That's it. I live in Mexico and do my shopping on my annual, or every two-year, visit to the U.S. and tend to buy stuff I never use. One of my best was a beanbag for a stabilizer when I don't have a tripod with me. I've used it once to take a picture but it is fun to toss back and forth with my 3-year old nephew.
I just read a few reviews on the rocket and i found it cheap on amazon so thats going in the cart lol. As for a bag any suggestions. cause my friend works at best buy even though i hate the place i could get it cheap most likely.
thanks Pat.
I will soon be joing you all in the world ive longed so much of SLR.
thanks for all the help!
oh **** JIP your from pittsburgh.
hell yea. ha

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