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Jan 18, 2006
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Im really not asking about which program you are using, since I have settled on ACDSee Pro, but I am curiuos how people set up their photo collections. Do you create a folder for each month? Day? Subject?

Ive got a folder titled 2006 where I am going to create a folder for each month. Within each months folder I have a folder for each day that I took photos. Within the program I plan on create an album for each year with a subcategory for each month then for each month a subcategory for each day.

Once I have that done I will put each photo into its appropritate group (places, people, etc.).

So what do you think? Too complicated? Am I missing something?
sounds like you'll spend a lot of time sorting your photos to me! I put all my photos in a folder with the date first (so that they're sorted by date) then a brief description. Then you can add a keyword or 2 to each photo with Adobe Album and serch by keyword if you need to find a specific photo. Works for me, may well not work for you though!
Well I am horrible at keeping things organized. Everything has to have its own folder:(
I've got each photo session separated into it's own dated folder, and once I get about 4GB worth of photos built up I burn them to DVD (as well as keep them on an external hard drive). If more than one event is documented in the same day, make multiple folders with the same date, then follow it with "a", "b", "c", and so on. The camera is set up to number the image files sequentially, so I label the DVD with the first and last image number that gets burned to it. If need be, you can create an index containing a small description of the event or session for each dated folder. In my case, I've got online galleries archived in the same fashion, so anything I need to find I can locate there first.
Well at least I am not the only one that likes to keep things perfectly organized. I dont have the online aspect taken care of yet though. Ive got some space and a gallery setup but I usually just upload what I want to post here.

Ive got a server setup that I backup most stuff to. Right now I will use the backup feature in ACDSee Pro to backup to that server every once in awhile. I would love to get a DVD burner at some point though. That would be great.

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