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Been spending a lot of time on here!
Feb 15, 2019
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Central Florida (Ruskin area)
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Took this shot on this cloudy morning.

Nice shot, Kirk. I miss them when they migrate South for the Winter.
Got to love an Osprey :) nice capture

Les :)
Got to love an Osprey :) nice capture

Les :)
Thanks, Lez. A cool thing happened recently. I went out for my morning bike ride without my camera (forgot to charge batteries) three days ago and I spotted an osprey sitting on a piling in some beautiful morning light and I was kicking myself in the arse for my stupid mistake with the batteries. The next day I went past the same location and there was another osprey, maybe the same one perhaps but sitting on something else. I was over joyed with my luck and got all the shots I wanted, making up for the previous day. Ciao!
Oh dear a lesson learned then Kirk :)

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