Our little Gus

Aw, he's adorable! :)
Awe! Looks like a cuddle bug! Nice shot.
Very nice !!
Beautiful pup, nice pic. I can't get my 9 month old English Lab to sit still.

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Thanks everyone for the kind comments! He has been a great pup! He's almost too smart for our good... Very trainable, but they are a very strong willed breed so consistent training is a must with him. He can be camera shy, but last night he cooperated!
I love the dog's expression, and the toning is very nice and understated ... just enough blur in the background to provide a setting and not be too distracting. The one thing I don't much care for is that large black slot/handle on the (ottoman?) in the left part of the frame, but not sure if very much can be done with it ...
Clone that out?

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Hi Gus, welcome to TPF :)

Nice pooch

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