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Oct 2, 2005
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A bit hooked on doing portraits at the moment... Took this one today.. I think Ill be doing all my kids portraits near this tree.. Any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated.. :)


It's a bit too dark, for me, which hides the texture of the tree. Composition is good. The expression is maybe too unnatural (in the posture of the arms)
I would have to agree with willpops and would also suggest you have them pose in somewhat more natural positions. Maybe even crack a joke or a funny face to catch your children in mid-laughter, etc.
It's not too dark on my monitor.

I think you're on the right track. You have a nice expression and setting. The pose might have been improved by having him put his hands in his pockets and showing just a bit more... just below the hands.

The best thing you could have done for this portrait would have been a clothing change. The shirt, which is slightly too large for him, is the largest and lightest element in the image, drawing my eye down and away from his face. A bit of vignetting will help too.

Keep it up! This one is pretty close.


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