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Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by NateS, Jun 16, 2010.

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    I am thinking about picking up a second body for shots of the family. My macro rig is kind of annoying to take apart just to snap a few shots of the family around the house and such. I'm looking at the D5000 as I can get one with 18-55VR for about $509...sell the lens for 100ish and have the D5000 for about $409 in the end.

    So....questions about the D5000.

    Do those of you who have both a D80+ and D5000 and lower find it annoying to not have the top LCD screen? I find myself using it a lot and can easily see myself forgetting to change certain settings.....is it hard to get used to?

    Does the different layout of the buttons get confusing when going back and forth between bodies? Function I use to set auto iso quickly on the go...I see the function button is different and may get confusing when remembering which camera I am shooting.

    Are there any other annoyances or problems you have by having both of these bodies?

    Here is another thought. When shooting my macro's, I usually run the same settings....so switching them wouldn't be an issue. Maybe I get the D5000 and throw it on as my macro camera....only problem is that I like the idea of the smaller D5000 as my walk around camera and the heavier gripped D90 to balance out the macro rig.

    I've also considered picking up a used D40 for snaps for only about $240 but don't think I can go back to the tiny viewfinder. Am I correct in thinking that the D5000 has the same viewfinder as my D90?

    Any help or insight would be appreciated.


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