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May 23, 2006
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Bristol Uk
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It didnt rain :hail:

yes it was one of the guys was saying to me about the white balance and contrast ,,did work a treat , im getting the 50mm f/1.8 in a few days and hope to have some fun with it as i think this stock 18-55 is not for me at the moment ,,its ok for tripod but i just cant seem to prepare a shot with it and calm down and just lose the plot and mess the shot up ,,i think the 55mm will suit me better .
That pigeon is not going to get to its lunch very soon, though, I'm afraid... :D Did you toss it this food and "missed" (or "hit", just the way you want to look at it)? Yes, the colours are nice in that one!

The third would be a nice example for Spako and her question about what effects a polarising filter could have: if you had one and used it for this third photo of the mallards, you could have reduced the distracting and quite busy reflections on the water to almost zero and thus make the ducks stand out more. And the whitish reflections on the leaves could also have been reduced to make the leaves all green only. But a polarizer is more costly than other filters, so ... after I lost mine in the wilderness in winter, I have never so far got myself a new one :(...
cool ,thanks top tip

Well guys i got the 50mm f1.8 Mk II and you were all right ,,what a change from the 18-55 stock,, images are crisp and colour is better also ,,great lens ,,couldnt wait for ebay so payed full price but i think it was worth it thanks guys ,,,looking for some church and grave yard shots later IF any turn out ok i will post ,,,thanks again..

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