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    I have CS4 but also have Corel Paintshop pro. I just tried to load a few pics into Corel for the first time in a while ( a few easy fix things I like using in Corel for simplicity ) but when I load the pic, it loads with a dark magenta tint. I tried switching the working color space but cannot seem to make it work. I can see the pic, its just not right. Any ideas? This is the first time I tried loading pics from my T1i into Corel.

    UPDATE: I just tried opening a few files that I know opened correctly before and they also are showing up with the wierd color tint. However, when I opened a few older pics they worked. The only difference I can tell is that the pink ones are 16bit. Can Corel not read 16bit?

    UPDATE: I just converted the file to a TIFF from ACR and now Corel can open it. I assume that the software is having trouble with the RAW files of the T1i...I will see if I can update. Atleast if someone else has this problem they can search and find this post. :)

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