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Panorama Help

Scotty Borresen

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Jun 27, 2020
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Hey all, thanks for any help you can offer.
I want to take a photo of a temple here in Taipei.
It is too wide for my lens so I thought I’d do multiple photos and stitch them together.
My question is this.
Am I best to take the photos from a central point and rotate the camera on the tripod? Or
Would it be better to walk along parallel to the temple and take photos as I go?
Any suggestions As to what will work best and give me the better finished photo?

Again, thanks for any suggestions.

I have where you are subject to big to fit in
1 do a 9 shot grid shoot like the grid for tic tac toe
2 as you say you could use a tripod, you may get some distortion but correct that in photoshop my choice
3 you could do the walk along but getting the alignment is going to much harder
What ever you do allow lots of overlap on each image up to 50% you can always loose excess later
If you can shoot raw as well as jpg do so it will give you a bit of a safety net as far as exposure
I do a dry run noting the exposure values for each shot the set the camera in manual set an average exposure and take two sets of images 1 in portrate mode the other in landscape
Watch out for sudden shifts in light
People in bright/stand out clothing that will notice if they repeat in each shot
I once had a lady in bright red coat in everyone of 15 shots I did not notice until I was trying to join the images
Have fun hope it goes well
I fully agree with the above.
I wouldn't try to walk parallel, because you take the temple at slightly different angles. unless everything is flat, which I doubt, things will be hard to aline.
And beautiful country Taiwan, I've been there in 2016, would love to go back!
You have to shoot from one point. Moving along changes the perspective and the edges of each frame won't fit.
Hey, Thanks all for your advice. I really appreciate it. I am going out to shoot the temple either tomorrow or Thursday. I'll let you know how it goes :). Thanks again.
I did it the way wfooshee stated once. I stood in one location and attempted to take several pictures, I think it was three or four, overlapping by 1/3 or 1/4 of the image space. I was then able to stitch them together in Adobe Elements. It had a panoramic stitching feature back then. I don't know if it still does.
Like others have said, stand in one place and take overlapping shots. Using a tripod helps you set up your grid, but you can do it handheld, but just make sure you avoid camera shake. It's a good idea to keep an eye on your final image size. If it gets too large it can be difficult to process. I am fond of my Adobe software, but another good app is Microsoft Image Composite Editor, which is free. It's my goto app for panoramas.
I found that PSE 9 struggles once I get beyond 15 shots to stitch
Given that I often have 20 plus I stitch my images together manually using layers
@ about a file size of 2GB I have to save the work, flatten layers re save without layers and continue
Be better if you can get a way of mounting your lens around the nodal point. That way the final image will be more flat.

Whileyou can do them by moving the camera, it needs to be farly flat (both subject and movement of the camera) so rotating the camera on a tripod is normally easier.
Nice, better than my early attempts
As for cc
Depends how far you want to go
I pixel peep meaning I set my view to 200% or higher
Here is what I would do if that was my pic but I do have my own style and it’s not everyone’s choice
Depending what you want
Enlarge the image, look at the steps, you have bright yellow safety boards... I would clone out
The right edge building works against your image.....ugg again I would loose that
I think that you have got a brill image there and as said my style is different if I photo an old building I don’t want modern artefacts showing

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