1. BasilFawlty

    My first Milky Way Panorama

    I have taken several Milky Way photos with moderate success, but had never tried doing a Milky Way Pano - until now. Yesterday me an my son went camping because I wanted to attempt a MW pano. Had to get up at 4AM to do this shoot, which I had planned ahead of time with Photopills. Started...
  2. S

    Panorama Help

    Hey all, thanks for any help you can offer. I want to take a photo of a temple here in Taipei. It is too wide for my lens so I thought I’d do multiple photos and stitch them together. My question is this. Am I best to take the photos from a central point and rotate the camera on the tripod? Or...
  3. BorisL

    Panning clamp or Leveling base?

    Hello, I am currently planning to upgrade my tripod components to allow for better panoramas. I am trying to choose between two panning setups - one using a leveling base, and the other using a panning clamp. I plan to use them with a ballhead like RRS BH-40 which already has a panning base...
  4. D7K

    Frozen Dams - Pleven

    As we hadn't really planned to travel to Pleven but was a favour for the family, we were not sure what or where to shoot. We took some advice and headed up to a lookout across the 2 Dams of Kaylaka, as you can see they're completely frozen.. As were my hands when I was done shooting! This is a...
  5. Superka

    Moscow cityscapes. Winter 2016. Kuskovo park.

  6. Superka

    Moscow cityscapes. Spring 2016 cloudy day. Industrial neighborhood.

    All the shots are stitched digital panoramas, made with Nodal Ninja 5, Canon 60D, Helios-44.
  7. L

    Using Pano Head vs. Lightroom CC "Boundary Warp"

    For panos I'm using a Nikon D800, RRS Pano Head atop an Arca-Swiss ballhead, and Lightroom/Photoshop CC. Recently Adobe Lightroom CC has added a feature called "boundary warp" that seems to work extremely well in merging stitched photos and correcting the pano border for out-of-level individual...
  8. erkindemir

    Nikon 16mm f/2.8 fish eye AF-D vs older AI-S for 360 panoramas

    Hello guys, I am planning to create virtual panoramas with my d800. According to my research the best one for full frame nikon is 16mm 2.8 AF-D How to choose your photo lens to make a virtual tour? However, I found the older version AI-S for less than half price(used). It doesn't have...
  9. Wawe

    Speeding up merging HDR photos and panoramas in Lightroom CC

    Hi! As an enthusiast travel photographer I do a lot of HDR, panoramas and HDR panoramas. I merge the photos as an HDR dng file in Lightroom and also stitch the panoramas from the Nikon D800 raw files or from the dng files (in case of HDR panoramas) in Lightroom. The problem currently is that...
  10. Corpus-photo

    Workflow for image mosaic/stacks

    I typically shoot in raw, edit in LR5 (capture sharpening, WB, tone adjustments, etc.) and then import into CS6 for further editing (convert to TIFF, creative sharpening, further tonal adjustments). I like to do all of the initial capture sharpening and tonal adjustments in camera raw before the...
  11. Azor Ahai

    Starry Night Panorama

    Hello everybody :) This is my first thread here. I wanted to share wth you the photo I took last night. Tell me what you think :) I have Nikon D5200 with 18-55mm VR II kit lens 20'', 3.5f, 1200-2000 ISO, 18mm
  12. CameraNewbie

    Beginner help - Making photospheres & choosing equipment

    Hey there guys! :05.18-flustered: I'm thinking about making some of my own photospheres at home (360 x 180) but I'm a complete rookie when it comes to photography and DSLR/HDR camera equipment, I enjoy taking photos on my smartphone but that's as far as my knowledge stretches when it comes to...