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Sep 17, 2010
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Greetings folks,

I am new here and generally new in photography and just recently got into photography :mrgreen: I have it in me for a long time but never have the time to actually go out and do it.

Now my noob question here: what is the easiest way to capture a 360 panorama photography. I know I can do it with regular camera and a tripod, then process the result with photo stitching software. But I am just curious if any of the pros here know some trick up their sleeves to make the process easier :mrgreen:

thanks guys.
not a pro, but I think that clicking the button on pse8 is pretty darn easy. :sexywink:
Trial and error, coupled w/ the right software makes it easier. Use a good tripod, preferably one w/ a panning head and a dial to show what degree you are at helps out too. You want to over lap the images by about 30% to make it easier for the software to pull it together. You also want to watch your aperture and your exposure values so that the light blending across the sky looks more realistic.

I use several different software packages for panos but the one I like the best right now is Autopano giga. I've also used panorama factory in the past which works well in some applications and a free program (can't remember the name) which does a decent job. The more images you have and the more overlap you have though, makes it easier. Like HDR, it seems like this is another area where a specialty program outperforms PS.

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