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    Hi All,

    I am (finally) having many of my old slides and negatives scanned. Once scanned, I will edit them, then send them out for printing. I am planning to use either or White House Custom Color ( as both were recommended.

    Both company use Kodak paper - the Kodak Pro Endura Metallic and Kodak Pro Portra Endura. In the 'old days', I really liked the look of Cibachrome - a direct slide to print paper. Of these two Kodak papers, which one will come closer to the Cibachrome look? If neither, can you suggest a paper that does?

    Thank you.

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    Metallic is not a standard paper. It's actually silver, and something I would print on only once in a great while for certain prints.

    Both papers are process RA-4, for papers you'd print a color negative on. Portra Endura is a good paper, though some prefer Fuji Crystal Archive.

    That said, neither will look like Ciba. Not even close. Metallic doesn't look like Ciba because it's shiny. It just looks metallic. Hard to explain. Anyway, there's only one option in my book if you want an RA4 print to look like a Ciba, which is mounting it to a sheet of plexiglass (on the front, not the back).

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