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Nov 13, 2007
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Mount Penn, PA
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There I was, walking the internet, figuratively speaking, looking for some interesting and inspirational sites and I seem to have tripped and fell head first into this one!

I don't know if it is really appropriate to start a "Hey there! I'm new!" thread, as this may become pointless due to my having a few posts under my belt - thus pointing out that I am inadvertantly new anyways...

I would, however, like to know if you guys have any regular creative outlets/sites/hobbies you like/love to partake in when not on this groovy forum...

I paint, draw, write, take photos and make SOCK MONKIES! I'm currently attempting to grasp the concept of my sewing machine!

I'd love to invest some time in other fun arts and crafts and am intrigued to see what you guys get up to in order to pass the time of day! :)

I would now like to grab myself a coffee! Anyone want one??

Lisa B. xx
Just black please

Comunities I belong to are:
N-Philes Username is Battousai forum main Username is Battou Username is Battou - This link is incorrect for a reason Username is Battousai - site has reasently moved and moving slowly Username is Battou forum Main Username is Battou Username is Battousai Username is Battou Username is Battousai - site in infantcy and moving slowly Profile Main Username is Thieves-Hammer

I c/c'd this from another one of these I partisipated in on another forum :wink:
Is that with, or without, a biscuit? I'm a little low on chocolate...
Well, the lack of....


I have precisely 2 biscuits, 1 coffee and OOH 1 red apple - which i may never actually eat!

Take your pic :D

On a separate note, my hairbrush just snapped in half! Oh yeh, i'm apparently made of steal!


*dons cape*

Maybe i need to actually lay off the coffee....
I hope that's hot tea, milky, 1 sugar!?

Or is it cold tea...cold tea scares me! Unless is Blueberry Oolong or Raspberry tea...

I wish I could buy that where I am, but I can't...I am...DENIED!
As far as other hobbies goes here is one of them

It's easier just to link to the existing thread

That is actually pretty cool. It reminds me of when I was younger - my dad used to make scale models and I distinctly remember having a bright green and a bright red plane that we'd built, hanging in our front room! I think one was a spitfire! I'd totally forgotten about those!! I must have been about 5 at the time. Strange how that just triggered that memory!
I'll take your canderel and raise you a 58p jar of Asda/Walmart sweetner...

Im poor! :D

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