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Dec 19, 2015
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New London, CT
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-- was the prompt for one of my 365 project photos this past week. I saw this pattern on "main street" in the school I teach at a couple of weeks ago, but I'm still a bit shy about pulling out my camera at work. When the prompt came up, I decided I'd try to catch the pattern agian, and lucked out with a nice sunny day. Unfortunately, I was very hasty and snapped a bunch of shots of quickly without looking at them because I didn't want more co-workers than necessary asking questions. Of course, I had MF selected on the lens. :BangHead:

It's a good lesson in letting some of those things go...

20160120-_MG_3285 by jwa04, on Flickr
Yea, it's true that you've made the picture fast because I can see the blur and the noise that is on the pic, in rest it's looking good, but is not a really amazing subject.
Thanks for the feedback.
I see why you liked it. I like that kind of thing too.

I'm just starting to carry a big clunky 'obvious' camera around too.... really I think we think they are looking more then they are. I think I get more attention for the bike then the camera!
Try again... with MF off? :D
You're right, I should. I should be less self-concious though -- I share my work with my students pretty frequently, so there's no reason that I should worry about it.

I'm also very likely to be carrying an even bigger camera all the time so....
It seems to get easier the more you do it. I almost don't feel self-conscious, LOL. Almost!

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