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Paul C Buff- PLM Cage issues

412 Burgh

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Mar 18, 2011
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Okay so I recently drove down to my university to shoot a group shot of a class reunion. Upon arriving I noticed my PLM Cage assembly is always loose with the nuts and etc. So I usually simply just tighten them and off I go. So today when I got to my shoot I noticed I was missing two nuts and I was unable to use the PLM! I wasn't able to find any solutions on their technical support board, but may post there shortly. However, my question is to you TPF-ers is have you heard/solved this? I need to know if I should simply glue them or another alternative!

I usually leave my cage built so I can just throw it on with my PLM and it's a quick set up. However, like I stated above I was unable to use it. I think breaking it down every shoot would be a little tedious.

Part Number: BSRA
I'm not familiar with the equipment or the problem, but could you not just put some Loctite on the bolts? They would not vibrate loose afterwards (word of caution: use BLUE Loctite and not RED Loctite. Red is virtually permanent, blue is not).
Red is crazy lol I use it when I build Turbo race car motors for the hot bolts..lol Blue will be your friend here and wont damage any threads when backed off if need be.
Perfect, thank you guys! I was also just recommended some nylon center nuts!

Good idea, nylock nuts would work very well to. They can be taken off and put back on in the field a lot easier than Loctite. They just aren't as easily found as Loctite is.
I was gonna suggest nylocks as well...probably the best option, far less permanent.
Problem solved thanks for the input! Problem was solved for $1.60 at my local hard ware store !
Only problem with Nylocks is that they can take some torque to apply, so if the stud onto which they're going isn't relatively strong, you could actually damage it by putting the nuts on. Go for the easy solution: Regular old galvanized nuts with a drop of your wife's nail-polish as a thread-locker.

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