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Mar 18, 2011
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So, I may get the Pelican 1514 Carry on 1510. I was just wondering if anyone had input on these cases. Read nothing but great reviews and I think they will work well for my needs. I just want to consolidate my 2 Alienbees, SB700, Vagabond and wires. I also would like to use it for my camera gear when don't need to lug around the strobes.

Was thinking of buying some foam to line the top and bottom of the case with.
Best you can find.
I have the 1510 with padded dividers. It's a great case. I can't see where you'd go wrong with it no matter what you carried in it. I wish I had the lid organizer in mine though.
I have two of them and can't recommend them enough, quality of the clasps and hinges are above anything else I have seen. They are expensive enough but well worth it IMO, you could probably store a black hole in one!!
Love hearing positive feedback on items from you guys/girls! I was looking into the lid organizer as well! Looks good for all the small stuff. Batteries, cards, wires, etc.
You can't really go wrong with Pelican. They're built to handle anything. You can feel the build quality the first time you clasp it shut.

As long as everything positioned snugly, I wouldn't worry about anything breaking.
They are REALLY durable -- and weather proof (not weather "resistant"... weather "proof".... you can throw them in the ocean, come back and fish them out a week later and your gear will be bone dry.)

I own three Pelican im2500 cases for astronomy gear. I have two Pelican cases that were used for underwater cameras back in the days when I used to dive.

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