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Mar 20, 2005
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Got to go to the zoo today with SpaceNut, although didn't really come home with much. But I did get a chance to photograph some penguins. Thought I would share one with ya'll. Thanks for looking!

I'd call that a good day even if that is the only decent shot of the day! :)
Great pose and I love the background mountains - out of interest were they real or part of a background (they look a little flat and "artificial" to me - but the selective brightness of the shot helps to hide that effect and focus attention on the posing penguin
Indeed a painted background. These were taken though some glass that had the beginning stages of condensation at the zoo exhibit. Thanks
I like this one! nice work, the rock adds depth, same for the oof background. colors are fine too! nice :G
Great shot their pretty and fun to watch,was their glass between you and the penguin?I would of gotten more flash if it was me takeing the shot lol
Thanks everyone! And there was glass that I was shooting through which was a huge obstacle since it was so fogged up! My set up was that I was using my eos 1D Mark II, mounted to my 70-300 kit lens, ISO around 1250 manual exposure around f 7.1 or so. Handheld.
it was a wounderfull shot :)
WOW! A spectacular shot.

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