Pensacola Pier


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Feb 26, 2012
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Midwest, USA
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InnatelyKait Photography, 2009

Pensacola Beach, Pensacola, Florida
Canon Rebel T1i
Tamron 90mm
... and all I can think of is "Contact"

Overall it's a neat image.
The Gull is distracting, I keep looking at it.
The aspect ratio seems a bit... off. I want to say rule of thirds, but the way the pier leads he eye then opens up to space is nice.

Other than that, it's all a matter of personal taste.
I like high contrast, the sky could be darker, the rust and defects in the structure standing out.
Longer exposure, dreamy waves.
Thanks. I noticed the gull after I posted. This is an older image and I have one without the gull. Unfortunately my catalog system...not so good. I have no idea where the gull-less photo is anymore!
I liked the image.... i too feel the clouds could have been a bit more sharp and dark...but i liked the second story in the image shared by the bird and and the people standing at the view point


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