pentax macro lens/ waterproof camera bags?

Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by MyOwnPath, May 5, 2004.

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    Looking for a good close-up macro for a pentax k-mount. Any recommendations on lenses? I've got a few I've compared, but living out here in the sticks makes it hard to actually go find one to test.

    Also, waterproof camera bags; I found some made by Ortlieb for a decent price. Has anyone used these, or have another good idea for waterproof/weatherproof backpacking?

    Thanks! This is a great site, and I've spent some hours exploring it over the last couple weeks.


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    Trav, I have never used waterproof bags but if you're interested in waterproof/weatherproof backpacking (camera wise) I'd take a look at Lowepro. They have some weatherproofstuff. Also, if you're trying to prevent humidity happening inside your camera bag, I'd invest in two or three silica gel granule packs, the type you can reuse by baking them in an oven when they're saturated. They're cheap but worth.

    Good luck.
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    Ialso went to see the lowepro website, and got interested in the (takes time to go to the webpage agein to quote) "DryZone is the worldÂ’s first totally waterproof" :lol: and because of were I live, I can't get in touch to see it in person, so a review would be nice, or experience on lowepro gear.....
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    Is there somewhere online that I can order those silica packs?

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