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    Hama-Optex photo backpack.

    This is a dual sectional backpack ... like the Lowepro Rover or the Tamrac Adventure.
    There is a removable hard zip divider that separates the upper and lower section, so you can use the entire inside space as a single section (I have
    used this configuration when I just needed a backpack)
    Each section can be accessed individually. Top section is padded in the rear (back) has one U zipper flap, and the bottom is fully padded with a zipper
    around and the top folds down for top access.

    Top section 10H x 11W x 6D (inches)
    Bottom section 6H x 11W x 6D (inches)

    The top section has a single padded horizontal divider. The bottom section has multiple padded removeable velcro dividers.
    There are four fixed unpadded side zip pouches, top (aprox 6" deep), and bottom (aprox 5" deep) that can hold a lens (or other accessories) . One large
    zip pouch (aprox 8" x 5.5") on the front top section, and an accessory zip pouch, which has padding, on the front bottom section to hold filters and
    other thinner accessories. The inside top section has a zip mesh pocket (aprox 9" x 6").
    The bottom has two rubber "feet" for resting on hard ground. The top has two adjustable loop straps for a tripod, and there is a carrying handle.

    I used to arrange it in this manner (one camera body, 6 lenses, and accessories):
    Sigma AF 300mm f/4 APO and other stuff in the top section.
    Sony Alpha a100 camera body, Sigma AF 50mm f/2.8 w/ hood, Sigma AF 75-200mm f/2.8, Sony 75-300mm f/4-5.6, and Sony 18-70mm f3.5-5.6 in the bottom (all
    lens are upright).
    Sekonic L-328 light meter, and tripod lens mount in the top side pouches. Other misc articles in the bottom side pouches ... cables, charger ... etc.
    Filters and memory cards in the front bottom pouch. Granola snack bars in the front top pouch. Grey card in the inside mesh pocket.
    Cullman Magic I tripod (or my Manfrotto monopod) strapped to the top.

    $35.00 + shipping




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