Photo editing on ips monitor connected to a netbook.


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Nov 24, 2011
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Honolulu, Hawaii
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Hey guys. So I need your input. I have a netbook that I bought two years ago before I was into photography or editing photos. I still use it because for all intents and purposes, it does everything I need it to do.

However, I find it a bit awkward to do photo editing on the small 10 inch screen. Also, because the netbook screen tilts, it is really hard to judge what the brightness of the photo will be like. My friend is offering me an ips monitor that he picked up on black Friday to me for under 200 bucks. I plan on connecting my netbook to the monitor via VGA cable and getting a calibration device to calibrate the screen. Is this a good idea? Or can I expect poor resolution output because I'm using a netbook?

I'm on a budget so I am using gimp as my main editing software.

Thanks in advance.
Oh yeah, my response on your other topic was forgetting you were on a netbook. In that case, having an external monitor (especially an ips) is going to help you out in a major way, particularly if you get a calibrator like the spyder3. You need to find out what max resolution your video card can output via VGA. It will most certainly run it, but I'd check to make sure.
The screen will be a major step up, but the question is do you have the power needed to edit what you want?

That's a personal question. Yesterday I edited a photo that crashed Photoshop because it was having problems saving a 2GB TIFF file, so the answer for me is a resounding no. Want to edit JPEGs in Picasa? Sure. But when you start to get into raw processing then you're going to start finding yourself constrained.

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