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Nice shot, its to bright for my tastes personally, but other seemed to favor it. The composure seems very well done.

/ Show Spelled[kuh
m-poh-zher] Show IPA
–noun serene, self-controlled state of mind; calmness; tranquillity: Despite the hysteria and panic around him, he retained his composure.



Pronunciation: (kum-pō'zhur), [key]
serene, self-controlled state of mind; calmness; tranquillity: Despite the hysteria and panic around him, he retained his composure.
Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Copyright © 1997, by Random House, Inc., on Infoplease.

/ Show Spelled[kom-puh-zish-uh
n] Show IPA

–noun 1. the act of combining parts or elements to form a whole.

2. the resulting state or product.

3. manner of being composed; structure: This painting has an orderly composition.

4. makeup; constitution: His moral composition was impeccable.

5. an aggregate material formed from two or more substances: a composition of silver and tin.

6. a short essay written as a school exercise.

7. the act or process of producing a literary work.

8. an academic course for teaching the techniques of clear, expository writing.

9. the art of putting words and sentences together in accordance with the rules of grammar and rhetoric.

10. a piece of music.

11. the art of composing music.

12. Fine Arts . the organization or grouping of the different parts of a work of art so as to achieve a unified whole.

13. Grammar . the formation of compounds or derivatives: the composition of “aircraft” from “air” and “craft.”

14. a settlement by mutual agreement.

15. an agreement or compromise, esp. one by which a creditor or group of creditors accepts partial payment from a debtor.

16. a sum of money so paid.

17. Printing . a. the setting up of type for printing.

b. Also called pagination. the makeup of pages for printing.

18. Mathematics . the process of making a composite function of two given functions.
It's a bit over-exposed... but some work in post-production might bring it back.

Edit, I gave it a quick once over in Gimp. Using curves, I got a little of the over-exposure corrected. Then a slight boost to saturation and contrast. The problem is, once part of an image is totally blown out form over-exposure, the information is gone forever. Personally, I try to under-expose slightly and then lighten in post later if needed.

Idahophoto, you are hereby issued this Grammar Police Citation and Rebuke, 101.00000.9

If you wish to contest this Grammar Citation and Rebuke, you and a legal representative may choose to appear before the Grammar Court of TPF, on August 29,2010,at 10:00 AM, in the matter of

Penalty for misuse of the word composure is, by statute, set at 1,000, "I'm sorry I screwed up!" phrases, written in longhand and subsequently photographed in a clear fashion using a digital SLR camera, and then the resulting digital SLR photo or photos posted to the thread in which the offense occurred.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Derrel, please try to obtain your composition. These overbursts are getting unragious.
Ya Derrel. And don't be such a holic. :lol:

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