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Apr 16, 2010
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Hermitage, PA
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Ok... So I have been trying out different photo labs and I wantedto let you know what I have found.

Walmart C-

First I went to Walmart and had 5 8x10 prints done. They were ok, but the paper was a little thin and the colors were smudged real easy.

YM Camera C

I had the same photos printed at my local (30 miles away) camera shop / photo lab. The colors were surprisingly off. I had them show me my files on the calibrated monitor they have and compared them to the prints and it was a drastic difference. Paper quality was much better though.

Shutter Fly, Mpix, and Vista Print B+/A-

They were all quick with their turn around time but I just wan't happy with the paper or the color depth... Just a little off but would do in a pinch.

So who will be my photo lab from this point on?

Nations Photo Lab A++

They use a great quality paper and the colors were dead on. NPL has a great program for on your computer to order prints. They sent me 8x10 prints of 5 different images each in regular mat, color corrected mat, regular metallic, and color corrected metallic. I also had a 13x20 done in a mat finish... Wow!!! They have made me so proud to show off my prints.

This is just a IMO post... Check out a few different places... I am so happy I didn't stop after getting my prints back from the first place I looked at.

Everyone Smile Today :D
I also like Nations photo lab, the colors matched what my computer showed. I had a 16x24 and it turned out excellent.
I have had pretty good luck with Walgreen's.
I like costco for local. Online printer profiles andgreat prices on large prints and canvases.
I just went to NPL's website and I like how there is a chat box that pops up. I wish it didn't on literally every page, but it's cool if you have questions.
Thanks for posting!! I've tried MANY labs and have only found a few I was happy with. I'll have to try them out! I'd like to see their linen prints.....anyone ever get them??
I like Nations Photo Lab too. Great post, Jason. Thanks!
What were the price differences?

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