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    Below is a report by DBGallery of my earnings at various stock agencies. It's interesting that BigStockPhoto is so high. Second place once ShutterPoint is ignored, which it has to be because there it has cost more for it's fees than has been earned. I've submitted the exact same photos to the top 5 agencies shown. BigStockPhoto accepts the most images (i.e. has the highest acceptance/rejection ratio) so has the most photos of mine online. They used to lag behind the other majors (Dreamstime, iStockPhoto, and ShutterStock) in sales but over the past 6 months sales have picked up there so much that they're now in second place. Again, the same photos have been being snooty (aka overly picky) about photos doesn't convert to better sales. I mean some of my photos that have recently been rejected by the majors mentioned make me shake my head and look really hard to find any reason for rejecting it.

    So congratulations to BigStockPhoto for doing a decent job of sales!


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