Photo Papers which one ?


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Oct 3, 2006
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I have a Canon Pixma printer and have so far always used Canon paper. However I know that there is much more to offer as far as quality and price goes. I have not seen any real side by side comparisons, and wondered what everyone here may think ? Is this one of those issues that the more you pay, the better you get ? Thanks in advance !
For general printing, I think that Ilford Galerie is the best. It displays less metamerism (tone changes due to variation in the temperature of the light it's being viewed under) than Epson. I've done endless side-by-sides of the two. I'm not a huge fan of Canon paper.

As for whether more expensive papers are better...yes, they are. Hahnemule is uniequivocally better than Ilford or Epson or Canon, and IMO most other fine art inkjet paper producers. However, you won't reap their benefits without a very expensive printer and extremely precise color profiling. And believe me, they can be a real mother to profile, especially the matte papers.

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