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Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by ksmattfish, Jun 6, 2005.

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    I want to start using a photo sharing service so my family and friends can see my family snaps and order prints without bugging me all the time. Has anyone got a recommendation? I looked into and Kodak, but they don't sell 8"x12" prints, only 8"x10", which is just annoying since the 1:1.5 aspect ratio has ruled consumer photography for 3 or 4 decades now. Anyway, there is only about a million of these websites out there, and I need help sorting out a good one.

    My important criteria are:

    must sell 8"x12" prints
    easy photo sharing: I don't want to have to email everyone each time I upload new pics, I want to be able to invite someone to share once

    Anybody had good luck with a particular service?

  2. KevinR

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    Hey matt,
    I was looking around and one of the only sites I found that had an on-line album and did 8x12 was Sprint Photo

    I have used webshots. No 8x12 though

    good luck
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    I put a bunch on

    Which pisses of my grandma because she cant figure out how to print them on her computer.

    I keep saying right click grandma right click.

    Anyway good luck dude.
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    Im not sure if they have 8x12's but there is a free promotion on this site

    (this is just a copy paste of my other post)

    5 gigs of storage for free!

    apparently photomax is doing a launch promotion and giving away 20 4x6 prints and 1 free 8x10

    I just got my free prints in today and they are top notch great fuji film quality.

    They also promise not to delete your photo's even if you go an entire life span without buying anything.
    This is soo great for me, i have tons of old photos that are in a box in the attic fading away that need to be preserved.

    They have a 800 number toll free customer service line which I find very impressive. They don't appear to be yet another soulless website trying to get you to buy prints.

    My mom's friend told us about photomax and she says they will also digitize slides, negatives and film photographs for you as well. Cool!

    And before i forget heres the link, im not sure how long this promotion will last. So enjoy!

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