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    Hello to all of you talented photographers out there- I would like to introduce myself to you and my business: Amber Fay Designs. I offer handmade photo tile jewelry. I use the highest quality materials such as sterling silver, Swarovski crystals & semi-precious gemstones.. My pendants are sealed with a protective finish making them waterproof and durable . My turn around time is 2-3 weeks but sometime it can be a lot sooner. If you interested, please email me for a current price list for photographers as well as some pictures/examples - I do have one up on my website though the picture used, was over 20 yrs old so its a bit faded. It can be viewed at: Photo jewelry is a fun and effective way to promote your business! Adorn you neck with the one you love....... I look forward to working with you and your beautiful photos you have taken the time to create..... Regards, Amber Fay :D Amber Fay Designs


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