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    I know this doesn't really have much to do with photography directly...
    I had posted this idea on my craft forum and so far there wasn't any help.

    Okay, so what I'm doing is taking a very vague pencil sketch of myself and my hubby, kinda silhouette style on separate canvases. We're looking at each other, me up to him and him down to me.. Anyhow... Then I'm taking photographs and cutting them into itty bitty pieces and gluing them to it.
    The end mosaic is some pretty neat looking tedious work..
    Anyhow, they're pretty big I'll post pics as I go possibly..

    But, right now I'm still in the planning stage. My ideas so far: Do i....
    1-take pictures of my dress, his suit, my hair etc. and cut those up and make the images fairly realistic?

    2-take black and white pictures and use those to make a black and white image. Also possibly make the backgrounds one color say red, or green or something of that sort. Or pick one thing on each photo to highlight. Ie, my hair is red, so maybe use that on mine and the hubby's something like his tie...?

    3-take pictures from honeymoon, wedding, trips and use those for more of a sentimental depth, even though we wouldn't recognize the photo?

    So far I'm leaning toward 2. I can't decide though...
    Any other creative-juice ideas would be appreciated..

    *sorry if this thread belongs somewhere else, if it does please direct me to the right spot...*


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