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Jan 26, 2012
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I've been asked to photograph an array of about 20 round shiny balls on reflective tile. They are positioned in three rows with about 7 in each row. One is missing in the front row to make it more interesting.

I'm okay with the setup...I have a decent lightbox and tested the lighting to give them nice soft highlights and all that.

My question is since I have about 20 of these what's the best way to keep them from rolling around? I've been using plumber's putty but that's a serious pain when applying it to all of these. Is there something better I can use?

Thank you!

You can try "Fun*Tack" which is also called "BlueStik." It is "reusable adhesive putty." It is easy to work with and not as messy as plumbers putty. You can find it in hardware store, Walgreens, and others. It's about $2 for a pack that last a long time, and it is reusable. It's made by DAP.

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