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Mar 15, 2006
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Hi there,
I'm looking for a decent book to learn photography (preferably one specific to the Eos 20D).
I'm a total newbie to Photography, this is my first DSLR (or SLR) and I've only ever taken "snaps" with a small Digi camera before.

I've been looking into getting the Canon EOS 20D (Magic Lantern Guide) , however, it is out of stock a the moment and the publisher will be reprinting in around 6 weeks.

I don't want to wait that long... so can anyone suggest anything else?

Hi Amnesia!

Welcome to the wonderful (and expensive) world of photography!

The Magic Lantern Guide you mentioned would be an excellent source of information on your Canon. I would put it on order if you have any questions that cannot be answered by the owners manual that came with the camera. Unfortunately, the Lantern guide will only be helpful for the technical operation of the camera, and won’t be of much use for developing creative skills.

There are tons of photography books out there… Two of my absolute favorites are:
Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson
Designing a Photograph by Bill Smith

Kodak published a series of books some years ago that were a very good intro to photography… The Kodak Library of Creative Photography. These are likely rather hard to find however, and they do not cover digital cameras.

Have fun!
I've seen the "Understanding Exposure" book on sale on Amazon.. so I might also place an order for that... Will it teach me the main basics of photography etc? As like I said - I'm totally new to all this.

Thanks again
I've got a 20D, and I can say that the manual is very comprehensive. Popular Photography has a series of articles about hidden features of DLSR cameras...and the 20D didn't have any hidden features because everything was in the manual.

The basics of exposure have not changed in probably 100 years. I would suggest picking up an older book that is not over saturated with digital this and digital that. A trip to your local library would be a good idea.

Yes, there are obvious differences between the new digital cameras and film camera that older books were written for...but the principles are the same. Shutter speed, aperture and ISO control exposure the same way.

*edit* I've heard good things about 'Understanding Exposure', go for it.
Big Mike said:
I've got a 20D, and I can say that the manual is very comprehensive.
I couldn't agree more. :D

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