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Jul 10, 2006
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Please excuse me if this is the wrong place, but I found an ad for a job on my local Craigslist and thought it was pretty crappy what they are doing. To put it plainly, I think that they are trying to rip someone off. I wanted to show it here and get some feedback from everyone here.

Heres the link so you can see it for yourself:

Heres the text of the ad just in case the post has been removed.

Attention :photographers who need portfolio/tearsheet

Local Company is looking for an experienced amateur or semi-professional photographer to shoot Photos for Local/National Print Ad Campaign for a Lingerie.

The Shoot consist of One Location ,One Model, Digital Images Only .

This is also an unpaid shoot , however your picture will appear on Several + Websites,Store Flyers , and Columbus Alive,The Other Paper . Great Portfolio builder.

Must be comfortable shooting Lingerie /Boudouir Shoots/Commercial Lingerie Shoots , must know how to do lighting for woman of color , Photoshop skilsl are a plus but not nesscary.

You will get credit for each photo on all print/internet Ads.

We have a layout graphic designer for all ads so expect your photos to be tweaked.

Please No Spazzies and No Prudes.

For Further Detail ASAP
Please leave name ,number
yeah, that's BS.

I hope nobody is dumb enough to actually take that.
Craigslist is full of people that want something for nothing. I used to see crap like this all the time for Graphic Design.
All of the artists where I live always respond publically to these kinds of ads calling them out for wanting us to work for free. I sure hope people aren't responding to this!
Yeah thats total hogwash, especially when its going to be used in everything that they say it is, thats a LARGE ad campaign.
It looks like they are totally cheap, but I don't see how it is a scam. They are upfront about what they are going to do with the images and how much they are willing to pay.

I wouldn't want the job, but how is it a ripoff?
It's a ripoff because they want you to work for free, well not entirely free, you're working for experience. The pictures you take are yours no matter what (rights wise) so they aren't doing you any favors there. They are simply just providing models, you're still doing all the work. Essentially you're working for free...which is usually a ripoff or volunteer work or a kind gesture to a friend. Not something you do for a large business who wants to get by as cheap as possible by taking advantage of your talents.
I think JenR is right, this is not really a rip-off. To me a rip-off is when what is in the tin is not what is pictured on the lid. In this case they are telling you up front that the work is unpaid - may not be your cup of tea, but they are not being deceitful.
But someone will do it just for the "glory" of it. Just to see there name in print, very small print.
i dont know if i'd consider it a rip-off... I mean, its only a rip-off if you THINK you should get paid. If you're a photographer who just wants the experience and something to put in thier porfolio , then maybe its not so bad after all. I dont think i'd do it because it sounds like a big time commitment to not get paid for, but i dont know if i'd call it a scam or anything because they plainly state that they wont pay you.
I wouldn't call it a ripoff or scam.. just some cheap bastards.

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