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Discussion in 'Photography Beginners' Forum' started by benjikan, Sep 7, 2009.

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    I have recently noticed several advertisements of those that are "teaching" photography. At a school of photography as a guest speaker I was asked what my thoughts were regarding the whole "I can teach you photography" thing. Well here goes. I don't subscribe to that concept for many reasons. One is how to stunt the growth of a new student by teaching them rules about what is and what isn't right for a starter. Another is the often over used formulas that in most cases these "specialists" teach the naive student as gospel

    I do however have no problem with a school that assists one in understanding technical issues or a school that deals with the historical and artistic aspects of photography. But a school that deals with issues such as cropping, lighting style etc...Well that's where I put my foot down and say an unequivocal NO, Nein, Non.

    I have had so many poor lost assistants whom I would rather not pinpoint specifically, that have no clue what so ever who they are. If they did come into a school of photography with the hopes of coming out an individual, well that notion was sucked out of them by the energy vampires. I'm not saying that all profs are frustrated unsuccessful photographers that couldn’t make it in their field. However from what I have seen and heard, one could not help but make that assumption.

    I am saying that guest speakers, workshops and specialized advise dealing with specific technical issues might be a reason to seek out advice or when a guest lecturer has come in to speak of his or her experiences, as I did at the Orleans School of Photography in France. Do your research. Read, experiment, take tons of photos inspire yourself and grow as a human. Build up your vocabulary in all disciplines and your life shall be richer as a result. It has been proven that the greater the vocabulary the richer ones life. Take a deep breath and do what comes naturally. If you get stuck creatively, take a short break. If you need some technical advice, just ask questions.

    Benjamin Kanarek Blog » Photography Teachers?

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    One thing you don't go into is, if there is inherent talent and creativity in an individual, they can use such schools as a jumping off point. Just like my experiences at Uni, as an art major...the talented rise above, the wannabees very often can't get past what they were taught. Talent and creativity aren't things that are learned. Skills are learned.

    Anyone can take pictures. Anyone can learn the basic "rules" of composition. Not everyone has there own creative voice that moves them beyond the basics.

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