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    Jan 30, 2004
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    Bath, UK
    I'm pretty new to photography but I'm thinking I might fancy a career change, to photojournalism.

    I was wondering how best to go about it, I'd imagine it's a pretty difficult area to get into (and be successfull) so I'm looking for a bit of advice.

    My technical skills are nowhere near good enough yet and I'll need to build up some sort of portfolio so I'm a long way off yet. I'd like some advice so I know what choices to make and when to get myself on track.


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    Jan 16, 2004
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    hi crosmill,

    i think there's no easy path. first of all, i'm not a (paid) professional
    photo-journalist. i am considering the merits / benefits of joining
    the NUJ myself, and i'm looking into the costs of doing this.

    i think the coup for us, in this age of the net, is we can take some
    intiative off our own backs, and self-publish our work. at least
    this might 'prove' our skills to a degree. doing things in the older,
    conventional ways, i guess its a matter of gaining some qualifications,
    cutting teeth with a local paper and making your way forward.

    worth considering keeping in touch on this score, maybe.
    i'm working / helping a contact in the philipines at the moment with
    a project concerning her native tribe in the cordillera region, whose
    culture is fast fading away. as far as can be seen on the net, there
    is zero reportage re: what we are (specifically) working on. the
    wider idea - is to network similar cam-journo projects internationally
    and build up a .org site which publishes our work.

    let me know , what you work on - maybe we can mutually assist.

    (pm me sometime point if you wish and i'll give you my e-mail).

    the best of luck..//jack

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