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    Hello, my name is Arthur Kantemirov, I'v been takin pics for 6-7 years and coming across this forum wanted to share my inspiration and get some critisism if possible.

    When I started I had a Konika Minolta, but it got stolen before I could get attached to it. Then I bought a Sony DSC-R1 with a wide angle and fish eye adapter and used it for the past 6 years, most of my pictures are taken by Sony DSC-R1. Now my gf bought me a Canon 7D for new years, so I am slowly learning to love this new camera. Hoping to one day buy a portrait and wide anel lens for this camera.

    I have only posted my photos on flickr"
    Flickr: Arthur Kantemirov's Photostream

    here are some of my popular images on flickr:

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