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Dec 15, 2007
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Hi... newbie here!

I am a teacher (and newbie amateur photographer), and have found over the years that my photos shot inside the gym - any gym - often seem to have an orangish hue to them. I know there is no natural lighting inside a gym, but I am at a loss as to what to do to reduce or eliminate this tone.

This example was taken with the XTI, set at the default setting (green square)

What do I need to do to start to eliminate this?

It's a white balance problem, just got to the menu and white balance and set it to.. (gym?) something like that or you could so custom white balance..

someone else could tell you what kind of white balance mode you should put it on. that'll get rid of it
I would recommend either shooting in RAW so that you can set the white balance later on the computer. but what I would do for most situation is bring a gray card or even just a large index card and use that to set the white balance manually and you should get rid of the orangy tint.
As Coldow said also in a pinch a white sheet of paper or, the palm of your hand. It does work really. I have an Expodisc myself that is great and, fast. Oh and, if you do use your palm make sure it fills the whole field in the view finder.
Thank you so much! Now at least I know where to start!! :mrgreen:

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