Photos look different in Simpleviewer than in ACR


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May 5, 2006
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Richmond, VA
I'm working on putting a website together and downloaded Simpleviewer to use for my galleries. All the photos I processed in Adobe Camera Raw look fine in Preview or on Flickr, but when I put them in Simpleviewer, they look like the contrast and saturation has been brought down a few notches, giving them a bland look. All of the photos that haven't been touched in Adobe Camera Raw look fine in Simpleviewer. Also, it isn't just the RAW photos, it is any RAW or JPEG that has been through ACR. Any way of fixing this?
This is a color-profile issue. Simple Viewer and ACR are not showing you the images in the same color space. You have some color profile/color space issues to work out.
At the bottom of the ACR window there's some clickable text along the lines of "Adobe RGB (1998); 16bit; resolution; 240 ppi" These are your output settings

Click it, select Space and set it to sRGB IEC 61966-2.1. This is the colour space the world who doesn't understand colour uses, and the colour space that essentially must be used for everything except printing at professional printing companies.

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