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Oct 20, 2008
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My son has dark hair and I have a black backdrop. How do I make it so that his hair does not look like it is disappearing in the background? Anyway, CC pls. I have a very annoyed model as you can see.
ISO 800, SS 1/100, f3.5

Hair light from the back. Or don't use a black background.
try having the flash higher, if you have it off camera. If ot get something white (if the ceiling is not white) couple feet above the flash and bounce.
Great image! I have to agree with the above posters with respect to your question about the hair. My preference would be for a lighter background. Additionally, your key light appears a bit too strong, or perhaps not in the optimum position; the handle of the wagon is a bit washed out. This could be corrected in post.
I agree with the above.

Why ISO 800? seems to be high. Adjust your lighting to lower the iso and keep the shutter speed you want.
Try buying a second flash (slave) and set it so that it fires and illuminates the background. That should separate the background from your sons hair.

You can get a cheap slave flash from Amazon for $30 some bucks.

[ame=] Bower Bounce and Swivel Slave Flash for Digital Cameras: Electronics[/ame]

There are others, but this one has higher ratings. Just set it in the background and turn it on, it will trigger when your main flash fires.

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