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Feb 25, 2009
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I am having a hard time trying to figure out what to say to people that you are taking pictures of. How do you get them to relax and to pose that real look w/o it being posed by you.
Start by shooting them in an area that is fun and relaxing. Go to a park get them to play around on the playground and swings and act goofy. If you put people in places they like and are comfortable they will be more comfortable. There are no magic phrases or words to get people to work with you each person will be different.
This is the least talked about aspect of photographing people. Often, the best photographers are the more outgoing, personable people who can get their subjects to relax and let their guard down. Unfortunately, this may be harder to learn than the technical aspects of photography. Some people have it and some people don't...but practice will certainly help.
Having a great sense of humor helps a lot too. As well as building a rapport with your clients, find things and places they like to do and go to. Use that, familiar surroundings help them let their guard down and you can capture a more natural "them."

Don't be a robot, be yourself.

Like me, I do a lot of stuff for soldiers and their families. Being a soldier myself, there's a level of humor and antics I can bring to the table that I can't do with civilian families. Because I live that lifestyle, and can connect with clients better than most people can. But I've learned to adjust my humor and personality to fit the situation. But I'm never not myself.

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