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Aug 23, 2010
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Just wondering what the difference is? I've worked with cs3 and loved it. I'm now working on a mac and need to purchase either cs5 or maybe Elements...
I guess it depends on your needs. For strictly photographic needs I find PS Elements meets my needs and have not considered moving to it's "big sibling".

I have heard if you have more graphics need PSE will fall short, but for strictly photographic editing and adding effects, for me, PSE is plenty.

I don't do a ton of advanced editing (so you know where my opinion comes from). When I do, as I have said, I find PSE and filters and add-inds meet my needs.
I agree with myfotoguy.

If you can afford it then just get the full version.

If you dont need the extra stuff or want to save money get elements.
one of the reason for elements , only about 20% of PS is for photographers which seems like a lot of money for little value. They took the important features and put them in a stand alone product.

There are some things it can't do, but there is a lot you can do.

However, since you already have cs3 you should be able to upgrade unless you have changed os, then i would check with adobe and see about switch your liscense, it may cheaper all the way around.
Any advice on Lightroom?
The editing function in Lightroom 3 is Camera RAW 6 (ACR), which you also get with CS5 as a standalone application. Lightroom's main function is as image cataloging software (database management).
If you produce 1500 images a week, week-in-week-out, get Lightroom 3 for the workflow benefits it has.

Elements 9 will be a serious downgrade from CS3, because you will lose about 60% of the capabilites you now have with CS3. The version of Camera Raw in Elements 9 is seriously de-featured.

You have Camera RAW 4 (ACR). It came with your CS3.

Both CS5 and Camera Raw 6 have some really nice upgrades in tool performance and capabilities. The 'Content-Aware' feature new to CS5 is very handy, as is the improved noise reduction and snapshot capabilites of Camera RAW.

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