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Jul 15, 2015
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Not sure where to ask this question so I will post here.

I need to change the color of my photos backgrounds to black. I have watched a ton of videos on how to do it but I cant figure it out. When I use the tool and outline my image I go to redefine edge. I select background color to black and it actually changes the actual image to black not the background. I have been working on it for 3 hours. I am brand new to photoshop (I use lightroom 6 all the time) so please if you can help me out put it in simple step by step directions.
Once you've got the edge where you want it, go to the 'Selection' menu and select 'Invert Selection'. THEN apply your colour fill.
Thanks Tried that but I cant get the color to stay. I go to redefine edge, click background, and then ok. It stays black for a minute but then it goes back to the original.
Also, what tool do you use to fix the edging?

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