Photoshop Pixel Bender Plugin Error (CS5 keeps closing)

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Nov 26, 2010
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I'm having an issue with photoshop cs5. I downloaded the Pixel Bender plugin from Adobes website and installed it exactly how it says to, yet everytime I go to click on it an error box comes up saying it encountered a problem and needs to close the program. Here is a quick video of what it's doing.

Any ideas guys? Thanks
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Do you routinely clean up your computer's Registry?

Do you have a registered copy of Ps CS5?

What OS are you using?
Not sure what cleaning my registry means. I'm not a computer person at all. Yes I have a real version of photoshop. I'm running windows xp on a laptop thats about 7 years old. My operating system is a 64bit and the version of photoshop im using is for a 32bit so could that be causing it? I don't know what those bit numbers mean
Updated all my drivers and it didn't help
apparently from what my computer friends tell me is that my video card can't support that plugin. so no matter what I do my computer will never be able to do it =[

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