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Feb 18, 2009
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Hi All,
I need your help plllllease. :)
I have a photo open in adobe that I want to copy to a "new" file that I have opened in adobe photoshop. I had instructions but lost them when my computer crashed and died.../ugh! I know it had something to do with t v and m shifting and control. I know that isn't a lot to go on but I know someone will rescue me! Thanks in advance!!!! :sillysmi:
Open the photo you want copy in photoshop and then open the new file. Select the move tool, left click and hold on the original file and then drag to the new file and release. You should have a copy in the new file now.
Thank you so miuch Dave! :hug::
I'm giving it a try. I really appreciate your help.
or just open them both, go to the one you want to copy, select all (under he edit menu or with crtl a) copy (crtl c) and then go to the window you want to paste it in and paste it (crtl v) you should work on learning keyboard shortcuts.. it will make your work flow a lot quicker

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